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1940 Packard Darrin 120
This is one on only 6 120's built in 1940.
My dad bought this car in 1960. It was one of my favorite
cars. It sat in my dad's garage next to a Duesenberg. I would
go in the garage and just look at those two cars, sitting next
to each other. A few years after he bought it he decided to
sell it to a gentleman who was a family friend. I was about 5
years old and it broke my heart that he sold it. I cried for a
I always wanted that car back, and 35 years later I bought it
back from the daughter of the gentleman my dad had sold it
to. A year after I bought the car from her I married her!
We plan to leave this car to our daughter.
1940 Cadillac 75 Series Town Car
Body by Inskip

This car was built for the legendary
singer and band leader Vaughn Monroe
as the Racing with the Moon car.
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